Thursday, March 24, 2011

An awesome compilation of bands put together on this two part CD to help out Japan.
One of the best B movies out there. And, its available on Netflix Instant (possible on demand too?)! The preview really doesn't do the movie justice. Its a VERY low budget film that doesn't take itself too seriously, and features a puppet turkey with some amazing one liners! Must see!
Smash it and Bang! CLASSIC!
Ever heard of a Diva Cup? I doubted it was real, then, I found this video. Its a strange approach...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Feed your flock. Its really too bad that this commercial got banned from being aired on the Super Bowl!

When you hear about local bands preforming, you may be skeptical. A noisy bar, with a poor sound system and a couple of greasy guys churning out the same ole cover songs may come to mind. This is most likely not worth your time and or money. On the contrary, What Doth Life features a collection of local bands from the Windsor, VT area that will knock your socks off with their creative rock euphoria. Check out the bands, free music, and upcoming shows!

Stumbled across this video. Fell in love with the song playing in the background by Little Dragon, and quite an interesting watch for a fashion vid!

This bunch of rad turtles may bring up some nostalgic memories, but if you click on the link above I will guarantee that you will see a new side to TMNT! You may just piss your pants like you did back in first grade!